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My love for dogs started while growing up with German Shepard Dogs and knew then i wanted to work with dogs. I didn't think i'd be starting my own business doing what i love and enjoy. Before i decided to go down this route, I managed a kennel and cattery at Abbotts Leigh as acting kennel manager covering maternity leave and when that ended, I went to Coleacre kennels as a kennel maid for a period of time. It was while in these roles where my motivation to go further and study flourished into what it is today, an animal psychology diploma, dog obedience diploma, a dog walkingg and pet sitting diploma, dog obedience trainer dilpoma which im currently studying and a few more i've completed. I am used to various breeds, sizes anwd temperament and owned a Northern Innuit and a Siberian Husky ho both put me through my paces and hopefully one day hold a behaviourist title. 

Training In the comfort of your own home!!

You may have spent a fortune on training books and a variety of dog traning equipment - all of it promising to make your problems disappear - i know it didn't. No matter what the issue is, big or small, I offer a gentle, effective and positive ways to stop the unwanted behaviours only on a 1-2-1 basis. I only travel to you as the benefits it enatils can only be seen by using Sammy's Canine Care. I won't bore you filling in paperwork or waste time doing it - we start as soon as i arrive and i tailor to you and your dogs needs as best i can. Just to note - I won't bark orders at you or your dog! Only want one session - that's fine. No issue I won't try and solve. From jumping up to anxities to aggression - i deal with it all. If you're getting fed up shouting or getting frustrated with the bad behaviours, just want a calmer household or would judt like a dog that's not so rude and/or demanding! I can help!

Dog Walking

As well as training i offer walking on a 1-2-1 basis unless you have more than one pooch in your household which means they will be walked together if requested. I avoid walking dogs from multiple households firstly... I can gain a better bond with your dog and secondly it prevents any issue that may arise. I must also add I will walk around your local area so your dog gets to keep to regular routines and routes that they are used to to keep them calm and happy. 


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I can’t thank this lady enough for this afternoon she has opened my eyes in to a dogs way of thinking and given me so much advice and help for which I’m very grateful for so thank you sammy x

Jan Kelley

Sammy came out this evening to help with 2 of our dogs and gave me really good tips and advice. 

Such a calm and friendly approach from Sammy and my dogs were very happy. 

Would recommend her to …

Sarah Waterhouse Cuff

Sammy was absolutely amazing with my sprocker Seth who didn’t like people coming to the house. Her barked and growled at her for the first hour, but the time she left they were best friends! 

She …

Flies Cullen Forney

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